Customer Feedback

June 2019
Subject: Yamaha XS850

... Just fitted the silencers and been for a ride. Superb craftsmanship, great sound and better midrange. Absolutely fantastic and they fitted perfectly. Highly recommended. John Crawford

May 2019
Subject: Moto Guzzi V7 Classic

... Roy, just to confirm what we discussed on the phone the other day. You built and fitted a pair of stainless steel silencers to my Moto Guzzi V7 Classic last August. They have transformed my bike completely. The midrange power is much improved, and it now sounds like a proper bike. Not annoyingly overloud, but perfect, like a sixties twin. Thank you very much for the job you did. I would not hesitate to recommend you.

May 2019
Subject: Yamaha 650 Dragstar Trike

... Looks better, sounds better goes better!!!

December 2016
Subject: Suzuki GS1000S

... Hi Roy, managed to get out on the bike yesterday, it looks great, sounds great and seems to have a little more punch as you accelerate. I am really pleased and
thank you for your efforts on Tuesday afternoon.
Kind regards. Chris Hoy

April 2015
Subject: New Exhaust

... Thanks Roy, the pipe looks great. I'll forward a photo once the bikes all back together. Its being completely refreshed ...
From Andrew

April 2015
Subject: Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport

... Ay up Roy. Put pipes on bike at the weekend. Sounds beuatiful, really pleased with them ...
Thanks Nigel from Swadlincote

April 2015
Subject: TT650

... Hi Roy, My exhaust is perfect and the bike runs great at all speeds. Centre stand and also drain plugs are all easy. You did a top job ...
Thanks Steve

April 2012
Subject: Kawasaki GTR1400

... Hi Roy, I must say what a pleasure it was working with you, a little effort in coming to visit a couple times has paid off big time. You have made a great bike truly awesome, and you were right about having more mid range power (I have, not that I needed any more).
The new pipe looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, gives more power and I have even noticed a difference in the engine response, it just seems a bit sharper and quicker to respond to the right hand J. Many thanks for transforming my bike, best wishes for the future and I’m sure this won’t be the last pipe you make for the GTR1400.
Here are a couple of pics of the bike fully dressed as promised, If you want any more let me know. ...
Best Regards. Eddie Stokroze

March 2012
Subject: Honda XBR 500

... Dear Roy. As promised here are some photographs of the new exhaust system you made for my Honda XBR500.
I've done a few miles with them on now and they sound great not being too loud.
The tick-over has improved and it pulls a lot better, it looks neater than the standard system.
Thanks again. I certainly won't hesitate to recommend you..
All the best. Steven

November 2009
Subject: Triumph Thruxton

... Dear Roy. As promised here are some photographs of the new silencers you made for my Triumph Thruxton.
I've done a few miles with them on now and they sound brilliant; discrete on tick-over, but with a nice roar under proper acceleration. And just like you said, the mid-range feels much improved as well - the power delivery is more flexible and makes for a much easier ride.
Thanks again.
All the best. David

July 2009
Subject: Honda Shadow

... Dear Roy. I am sorry to have taken so long to write but life has been rather hectic and of course, any spare moment I do have I am out riding.
The exhaust pipes and silencers you manufactured for my Honda Shadow are excellent and I have received a number of compliments on their superb appearance and finish. They have made what I consider to be a great bike even better. You have made the bike much quieter than with the original pipes and this has made it much more pleasurable to ride, but it still retains a very throaty roar when opened up. The trip down to Dijon gave them a good trial and all went very satisfactorily.
Once again many thanks and I look forward to many years of happy trouble free riding.
Yours sincerely. Alan Coleman

January 2009
Subject: Honda XBR 500

... Dear Roy. I had searched for replacement exhausts to the standard pattern without success as they are no longer manufactured. I would like to place on record how pleased I am with the stainless steel exhausts you made for me. They fitted first time and look better in my opinion than the original system. Thanks once again and I would have no hesitation in recommending you as an excellent tradesman who fabricates first class products at a realistic price.
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June 2008
Subject: Moto Guzzi LeMans

... Dear Roy. Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the exhaust system you made for my Guzzi LeMans. It suits the bike superbly, and what can I say about the quality - it's just amazing. I've never seen a system so well made, it's obvious that care and attention went into making it, it's just so far removed from the mass produced systems you can buy. Just goes to show there are still people out there who care about what they make and as you say you make it as if you were fitting it to your own bike.
As soon as my other bikes require new systems, I'll be in touch. I've already recommended you to someone else who is doing a Guzzi project and I suspect they will be getting in touch with you. I wish I had spoken with you before I bought the old Lanfranconi system that was on the bike.
Best Regards. Fraser Yule. Dumfriesshire

November 2007
Runs like a brand new bike

... Dear Roy. Just a note to say I had my bike in 1980 and after 2 years the exhaust was no good so I had to turn to a well known manufacturer for a 4 into 1. It was running rough and I was never happy with it. Then I found OS and he made me the 4 into 2. It was the best thing I have invested in. I cant explain how smooth it runs. It runs like a brand new bike. It runs like it did in 1980 and revs all through the range. For anyone who reads this and is thinking of having an exhaust made it is a good investment. You can count on OS. My bike runs great its unbeleivable.
Thanks from frank

October 2006

... Dear Roy. It looks grrreat, it growls like a tiger and goes like a rocket! It's like a different bike; it looks complete now and even handles better, honest, that extra weight of the exhausts at the rear end balances it better, so it corners better. And yes you were right, short shifting is such a pleasure with that extra bottom end grunt. It gurgles gorgeously when ticking over or cruising at low speed, then sounds like a 'Ferrari when you give it the gun, beautiful. Engineering and Art! I've enclosed a cd with the few piccies I took, the camera phone ones are pretty crap but I've included them anyway. I've printed off one of the best ones for your file. As they were such a doddle to make and fit, I'm going to recommend you to the Zl Owners Club. I know you would love to do one a week. The oil supplement has quietened the engine and made gear changing smoother. The petrol additive certainly gives it that Va Va Voom! I'm going to try it in the car too. It's been a pleasure spending a couple of days with a "real" engineer. I'm really happy with the result and will be glad to discuss my experience with any of your future customers if they require. Another satisfied customer
Best regards. David Tonge B.Eng (hons 1st class) C.Eng MIET

September 2005
Subject: Yamaha XS 1100

... Dear Roy. Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my new exhaust! My Yamaha XS 1100 sounds wonderful, engine performance is even better and as you can see from the pictures she looks superb as well. Many thanks for your wonderful work!
Very best wishes. Chris Williams
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January 2005
Subject: Kawasaki Z650 Silencer

... Hi Roy. Just to let you know the silencers fitted a treat. To be honest I was expecting problems, rarely does a custom made item fit without problems.
A compliment to the quality of your work. Great to do business.
Thanks again. Robert

May 2004
Subject: Hey Roy! Nice exhaust!

... Thanks for the exhaust. The weather on Friday simply improved and improved as I headed north. It only turned crap when I exited the motorway and had a few miles to ride in a rather heavy mist. The exhaust sounds good, looks good and performs well. I don't know if there is any measurable improvement in power but the bike had a tendency to run at about 110mph all the way home, simply couldn't slow it down, must be the stainless exhuast system. Even my 12 year old daughter who loves going on the bike commented that it looks really great.
Bob Schimmelman

November 2003
Subject: Moto Guzzi V65TT

... Just to let you know that the silencer arrived today as promised, and it's wonderful! It wouldn't have fitted better if you'd had the bike there to work on: that oval section was a stroke of genius, as the clearance between tyre, suspension and pipe is much better. It looks good, and when Motomecca finally get my carb jet order right, I'll doubtless be able to report that it sounds good too. Thanks for an excellent and decently priced product.
Peter Young

November 2003
Subject: Restoration RC.

... Hi Glenn, As you could have read I have had my restoration RC up and running today. Needless to say I was very pleased to hear it running after 4 years and a "bit" of work. And it ran so bloody well! Quiet and smooth, so unlike many R's I've heard or ridden. And that without synchronizing the carbs or setting the ignition timing properly! On that bike I installed RD downtubes that I painted flat black myself (although the paint doesn't seem to have stuck very well to the surface as it started to blister when I ran the engine, but that's another problem) and the O&S silencers I bought a few years ago (I can't even remember when, it must have been somewhere 2000?). I slid the "trumpets" over the Honda tubes, I had to use a hammer to get them up to the weld where the OEM silencers were welded onto the downtubes. The silencers themselves slid over those trumpets quite easily (all covered with loads of coppergrease) and then they fitted perfectly both onto the downtubes as well as the fixation points on the footrest hangers (using the OEM brackets inbetween silencers and footrest hangers). I had heard your RB with the O&S exhaust so I knew what sort of sound level I should expect and I was very pleased with the sound they produce.
Not as quiet as OEM and slightly louder then the Jama silencers but nothing to offend the neighbours. At least not at low revs... With that engine still needing a proper break in I kept the revs low. And if they would be pretty loud at higher revs that would only be superb! I'm happy with them, both fitment as well as looks. Expect pictures sometime.
Cheers. Andre

August 2003
Subject: Re-Virago with the new pipes.

... Tried it out today for a long run. Well! Not only does it look better and sound better but it goes better!! I am very very pleased, and was money exceptionally well spent!!! Thank you Roy. Will keep in touch and of course recommend your services to every one that wants to know! Speak soon. Andy

August 2003
Subject: 1977 CB750 automatic a treat and sounds lovely! Tony Cheshire

April 2003
Carl, Wiltshire

I have been meaning to write since receiving the exhaust you made for my YZ400F.

Firstly a big thank you for providing a road legal system which has allowed me to get back onto the green lanes =- MOT passed without question.

Practically I congratulate you on building a pipe that fitted perfectly from the box, sounds great - quieter than the CRD pipe it replaced without producing that strangled note associated with WR silencers and it has definitely improved bottom end performance.

Since fitting the pipe I have put in a few miles on the Wiltshire bye ways and given myself a hammering with two practice sessions. Verdict - excellent, plenty of low end power, better than the original YZ pipe I think. Power felt smooth with no flat spots and no one needed to wear ear plugs.

Thanks again and I hope other YZ owners benefit from your engineering skills in the future.

January 2003
Mr Shaw, Doncaster

Its nice to see you are still going strong. You supplied me with stainless silencers for my Silverwing. I do not own the bike now but see it regularly. The silencers are just as good as the day you made them! Quality or what!

November 2002
Mr Lawyer, Glasgow

Just to thank you and your team for you "excellence" shown in the swift and FOC repair to my Nevada's silencer recently. Keep up the good work, such a refreshing change to deal with a professional.

July 2002
Yvette, Powys

The performance of my Katana with your exhausts is spot on, so once again many thanks for your service